Poems are beautiful and suitable for a variety of occasions. We have interesting facts about the poetry and 40 poems by famous poets for you. Send them on a special occasion or just make friends and relatives with poetic words just such a joy.

As with all literary works, poetry has a different taste for everyone. For this reason, we have compiled the poems not only for occasions, but also for famous poets. If you like funny poems, the works of Joachim Ringelnatz are certainly interesting for you. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s poems are more of a romantic nature and Rainer Maria Rilke’s works are characterized by melancholy.

Worth knowing about the poetry

Poetry or poetry refers to the concrete poetry in verse, which exists as a literary genre in addition to epic and dramatic. The term “poetry” used to refer to everything that was written. Over time, however, the term was limited to poetic texts. A lyric work is called a poem. In a poem, the author expresses thoughts and feelings through the lyrical ego. This may have the perspective of the author, but may also describe what is being thought and felt from the point of view of another (fictitious) subject.

An important feature of poetry are the rhetorical stylistic devices (enjambements, alliteration, anaphor …). There are a lot of them and they all have special language skills. Following a certain measure (jambus, trochee, dactyl, anapestae), poems are usually rhythmic or rhymed. They have something hymnal and could also be sung. Thus, they are fundamentally different from prosaic texts. In addition, they carry a lot of expressiveness in a small space and thus leave a lot of room for interpretation.

The difference between poetry and lyric

Poetry understands the art of creating poetry with language. Poets can be described as poets. But not every form of poetry is lyrical. Often the two terms “poetics” and “poetry” are confused with each other. For example, in English, “poetry” is synonymous with “lyric” and “lyrics” usually refers to lyrics.

Poetry is spoken in German when the meaning of something signified goes beyond language or even eludes it. It creates a higher meaning or mood that can be difficult or impossible to describe with words. But not only language can be poetic. It is also spoken of the “poetry of a moment” or a poetic film. So poetry can also come from events or staged sequences of images. So remember: poetry is poetry, but poetry is not always lyricism.

20 beautiful poems by famous poets

Below are three of the most famous poets of all time. Each of them has a different poetic tendency. Find out which style of writing you like best. Some of the poems have a title, others not. The poems without title often belong to volumes of poetry, which were found in the estate of the poets and were not published during his lifetime.

Melancholic poems by Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) is a well-known lyric poet and one of the most important representatives of German literary modernism. His works are influenced by a scientific and rational worldview and were influenced by the two philosophers Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Some of the poems are suitable for condolence. You can write them on the left side of your card to capture the mood in which you are in your sympathy. Other serious or sad occasions are also suitable, for example if you have to say goodbye to someone for a trip abroad.

Funny poems by Joachim Ringelnatz

Joachim Ringelnatz (1883-1934) was not only a writer, but also a painter and cabaret artist during the Weimar Republic. In addition to poetry and children’s books, he also devoted himself to prose and drama. His poems are characterized by grotesque and nonsense and use the everyday language. Parodying and caricaturing was one of his passions. He used the language as he pleased, was open to neologisms and modified grammatical rules.

The following poems are expressionistic and funny and therefore very interesting to read. So they are great for sending to friends or relatives and putting a smile on their faces. Either without a reason or a birthday. A poem like “The Ants” is also great for a birthday card.